West End Business Park

West End Business Park Sign

The Place To Do Business

The West End Business Park is located just west of K-15 on River Street. Developed by the City in 1999 with a goal to attract new businesses and encourage expansion of existing companies, this 30-acre site is home to many growing businesses, including:

Available Lots

Available lots range in size from one to two acres. Lots can be combined to form a larger parcel to fit your business needs. There are five remaining lots that are shovel ready and priced at 70 cents per square foot, with no special taxes.

Easy Access

Madison Avenue west of K-15 was reconstructed in 2015 and provides easy access to the West End Business Park. The best way to get to the park is by taking Madison Avenue west to River Street.

Naming the area "West End Business Park" aims to give the park an identity distinct from the Derby Corporate Park (at 55th and Oliver) and distinguish it as a premier business location in the West End neighborhood.

As part of the Madison Avenue re-design entrance, monument signs serve to enhance identity. Signs are located on the south side of BRG Precision Products as you head west over the railroad crossing and on the southwest corner of Market and River Street.

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