Trash Franchise History


As the governing authority over solid waste, the Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners decided in 2008 that all the cities in the county should issue a trash franchise and offer curbside recycling. The trash franchise should include an option for at least two sizes of trash carts, with the smaller one offered at a lower cost.

A Volume-Based System

Such a “volume-based” or “pay-as-you-throw” system is used in many communities to ensure that those who produce the most trash, pay the most. Conversely, those who produce little - either because they have fewer people in their household or they recycle more or they just don’t produce much trash - pay less.

Trash Rates

In 2009, the City of Derby issued an RFP for Residential Solid Waste and Recyclables Collection and Transportation Service. Before the exclusive contract with Waste Connections Inc. went into effect on Dec, 1, 2009, trash bills paid by Derby homeowners varied widely because the industry was unregulated. Some people paid $65 - $82 per quarter (three months), even though many homeowner associations had deals with trash companies for rates more around the $45 - $50 range.

Efficient Trash Pickup

Such variation in rates is testament to the efficiency to be gained from authorizing only one truck to serve any given street on only one day of the week. The driver picks up more trash per hour than in the previous system of driving all over town to serve only certain households, skipping those served by other companies.

Reduced Impact

Reduced truck traffic is good for street maintenance, noise and air pollution, and general tidiness of neighborhoods (all trash carts at the curb on one day rather than some on each of several days of the week). See the Effect on Pavement Information.


Between the contract's 2009 implementation and the issuing of a new RFP in late 2020, the contract was amended on six occasions. The Fifth Amendment on October 22, 2019 discontinued Waste Connection's Recycling Perks program, effective May 31, 2020. However, residents will not lose their points, and coupons will not expire as long as the business partner stays on board with the program. the Sixth Amendment on October 13, 2020 extended the contract through December 31, 2021.

New Contract

In Fall 2020 the City issued an RFP for residential trash and recycling services and received two proposals, from Waste Connections and Waste Management. On May 25, 2021, the City Council approved a new five year contract with Waste Connections that maintains the scope of services and many key program features, such as three cart size options and two free annual bulky waste services.

A key program change is that residents who repeatedly put non-recyclable items in their recycling carts will receive two warning notifications advising them of the contamination. If contamination continues, the cart may be removed and a $25 removal fee will be assessed. This helps maximize the ability to recycle what is collected and prevents widespread contamination of Derby's recycling stream by a few trash-filled carts.