K-15 Area Plan

The K-15 Area Plan encompasses the area generally along the east side of Highway K-15, from Patriot Ave. south to Meadowlark Blvd. The purpose of this project is to assess the existing strengths and weaknesses of the plan area, identify barriers to development, and present opportunities to improve the area's economic vitality. View the project website for more information.

Planning Area Background

The planning area consists of a mix of commercial uses and is located along State Highway K-15. The prominent location offers excellent opportunities for business visibility, but there are a number of barriers to businesses which may otherwise locate here.

The controlled access highway and old frontage road limit access to properties. Past studies of several intersections resulted in plans for minor realignment of public streets, some of which have been implemented or are currently underway. However, the intersection improvement plans do not adequately address the overall site access challenges facing the area. The possibility of realigning the frontage road, Nelson Dr., and improvements to Red Powell Dr. to provide better access through the area has been identified, but further analysis and recommendations are needed.

Much of the area was developed when it was located in unincorporated Sedgwick County and under rural land use regulations. Properties have since been annexed into the City of Derby, and many of the existing developed properties are inconsistent with current regulations and patterns of development. Several large acreage properties are largely underutilized and could offer great development potential, but lack adequate access and services. Other properties have been divided into lots that do not meet current regulations, and several existing structures are now nonconforming.

In 2013, the City worked with area property owners to establish a Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) to finance needed improvements within the north part of the plan area. A large national retailer (Menards) has purchased property within the TIF District, but development and construction has not yet occurred.

The City Council has made it a priority to further assess the needs of the plan area in order to identify a development strategy that will keep the area a viable commercial sector of the City, improve traffic safety along Highway K-15, and enhance aesthetics and property values within the plan area.