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Jan 18

Proud of Derby

Posted on January 18, 2019 at 9:04 AM by Kristy Bansemer

Once again, this past year has been one for the record books. Businesses continued to do well in Derby in 2018, and the city continues to grow. I couldn’t be happier about watching the community enjoy the new Warren Riverview Park and Field Station Dinosaurs, as well as traditional community events like the Derby BBQ Festival and 4th of July parade, among others.

New Derby residents continue to find good quality homes in town, and the schools are planning for quite a number of additions and renovations over the next couple years to accommodate growth and provide needed improvements to decades-old buildings.

Looking forward, I see exciting times in 2019. It will be Derby’s birthday! I can hardly wait to start celebrating 150 years since the Garrett family first arrived by covered wagon in 1869. I’m going to start by playing the Derby-opoly board game with my grandkids over the holidays and then read the new Derby history book cover to cover!

If all goes well, it looks like 2019 will bring the opening of the first hospital in Derby and a new fire station at Madison and Woodlawn, both of which are sorely needed for our growing community.

I expect the City Council and Planning Commission to be busy as well. Not only do they continue to work on the K-15 Area Plan, but they also will begin to update the Comprehensive Plan and hear results of a Quiet Zone Study, which has been in the works to determine if there is any affordable way to reduce the frequency of train horns sounding in Derby.

City staff will be busy making improvements to Water and Kay streets in the West End and laying the groundwork for renovations of an old school building so the Derby Recreation Commission can convert it into the Hubbard Arts Center. Won’t that be cool to have a place where kids and adults can learn about and enjoy the arts?

It seems like the list of big projects just goes on and on. Construction of Decarsky Park on south Rock Road to provide ball fields and a dog park will begin. Also, the City will negotiate a new contract for water, develop a master plan for wastewater treatment for the next 20 years and receive proposals for residential trash and recycling service. Some of these may not sound exciting, but all are critical to our continued high quality of life in Derby.

I am proud of Derby. This city is my community of choice, and I hear constantly from residents that they would not even consider living somewhere else. Here’s hoping you have a good holiday and make a resolution to connect with other proud Derbyites in 2019.

Randy White, Mayor
Published in the Derby Informer on Dec. 19, 2018.