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May 22

Weathering the COVID-19 Storm

Posted on May 22, 2020 at 9:54 AM by Kristy Bansemer

We’re going through a storm of a pandemic. It’s odd. It’s lasting longer than any storm I can remember. And it’s not going away. Darned pandemic. I hate this.

But you know what, we have no choice but to go through it…endure it, I guess. We’re all in this together, but it also is a different experience for each of us. I guess that means we are all in different boats. But it seems to me there is a common denominator for each of us—fear.

Nobody knows when or how it will end. That’s scary.

Nobody knows if we’re taking enough precautions or too many. We certainly are not sure of the economic effects, let alone the health implications. I heard a doctor say recently, “This virus didn’t even exist five months ago. How could anyone possibly have all the answers?” Good point.

Here’s what I do know. Like past pandemics and major world events like World War II, it’s okay to be afraid. And it’s okay to resolve that we will get through this. On our different boats, with our various understandings of health science and sometimes polar opposite political views, we can weather this storm. But how?

Let’s show some grace. As we take care of ourselves and our families, let’s show grace to each other as we understand the risks differently. Reaching out to brighten someone’s day is always a good thing.

Let’s commit to communication. When we talk about what we’ve read, let’s put at least as much effort into listening to what others have read or believe to be true.

Let’s check the sources of our information so we’re not duped by something we read on the internet or heard from someone with an agenda. One thing I believe about people is that we all want what is best for our families and for our community’s future. So let’s be diligent about how we learn.

Let’s respect the scientists, healthcare professionals, retail clerks, and public servants who are doing their best to sort through new and rapidly changing information to try to give helpful guidance. This storm is new to them too. And there is nothing easy about it.

C’mon Derby, let’s weather this storm together.

Randy White

Published in the Derby Informer on May 20, 2020.