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Jul 17

Guiding Derby's Future

Posted on July 17, 2020 at 9:32 AM by Kristy Bansemer

The Derby Planning Commission will consider adopting Vision Derby 2040 as the comprehensive plan for the City of Derby on Thursday, July 16. Vision Derby 2040 will establish policies to guide the growth and development of Derby for the next 20 years. The plan addresses land use, urban design, transportation, recreation, public health, housing, neighborhoods and the environment among its many policies.

Vision Derby 2040 articulates community values and priorities based on a public input process from May 2019 to June 2020. Two primary issues identified through the process are mixed-use development, such as combining residential development with shopping, dining and services, and active transportation, such as sidewalks, trails and on-street bicycle lanes. The plan also has some big ideas such as the Park2Park Cultural Corridor to connect Madison Avenue Central Park and Warren Riverview Park with a revitalized town center.

In June 2020 public comment was gathered on a draft of Vision Derby 2040, and the final plan reflects that input. Policies were added to reflect that Derby is a community that strives for equity, diversity and inclusiveness. Focus was added on the importance of revitalizing and preserving existing neighborhoods. The plan emphasizes prudent investments to ensure that future growth does not strain community resources.

Visit to view Derby’s exciting new vision for the future. Before community leaders adopt this bold vision, they welcome input on the policies and big ideas contained in the plan. Final consideration of Vision Derby 2040 is tentatively scheduled for the August 11 Derby City Council meeting.

You are invited to attend the public hearing at Derby City Hall, 611 N. Mulberry Rd., on Thursday, July 16 at 6:30 p.m. to provide your input. You may watch the meeting on or Cox Cable Channel 7. If you’d like to share any thoughts or feedback, contact me at or 788-6632 ext. 1236.  

Scott Knebel
City Planner