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Dec 17

Thank You, Outgoing Council

Posted on December 17, 2021 at 8:57 AM by Kristy Bansemer

In December, three of your elected City Council members will participate in their last meeting. The City staff and elected officials say goodbye to Vaughn Nun, John McIntosh, and Andrew Swindle. Vaughn did not run for re-election. John and Andrew did not win re-election.

I had the pleasure of working with these three devoted volunteers during my tenure as City Manager. Each one brought something special to deliberations among the nine members of the city governing body about policies affecting the community. They also were three of the best bosses I’ve ever had.

Vaughn Nun, who has represented Ward II since 2014, was a steady rock for the Council. He listened intensely, and everyone listened when he spoke. His background served him well as a Council member. He had a career in the Air Force, and after retirement he became a financial consultant. Vaughn respected the city staff enough to thank us for our efforts and at times challenge us to do better. His leadership will be missed.

John McIntosh, who served for five years, represented Ward IV. As a City Council member, he shared his ideas and also respectfully considered ideas from his colleagues and City staff. He did his homework and really thought things through. John was a supporter of the Derby Public Library (where he had served as chairman of the board) and businesses in Derby (where he had served as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce board). His insights and opinions will be missed.

Andrew Swindle, who served four years representing Ward III, brought a unique viewpoint to the Council. As an Assistant Professor of Geology at Wichita State University, he specializes in groundwater and soils and formerly worked in engineering/environmental consulting. His expertise in these areas made him a great sounding board for the staff on certain water and development issues. He asked insightful questions and kept us on our toes. He cares deeply for the community. He will be missed.

Thank you, Vaughn, John and Andrew. I enjoyed working with each of you. Your service to the Derby community made a difference.

Kathy Sexton
Former City Manager

Published in the Derby Informer on Dec. 15, 2021.