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Feb 18

Excited to be in Derby

Posted on February 18, 2022 at 9:40 AM by Kristy Bansemer

Hi Derby! My name is Dan Bronson, and I am your new Deputy City Manager. I am getting settled in after being here for over a month now. Since arriving here, I have been amazed at the quality ofDan Bronson people and their willingness to help others through countless acts of service. I can see that it is through these acts of service that Derby has earned a reputation as community with great hometown pride.

Seeing these acts of service and hometown pride is very meaningful to me as it reminds me of my hometown of Minneapolis, Kansas. Population 1,946. Like Derby, Minneapolis has great hometown pride, and I was fortunate to have family roots steeped in public service from nursing and teaching to firefighting and military service. 

After high school I went to Kansas State University and earned my Bachelor of Science from Kansas State University, while also earning an Associate of Applied Science (Fire Science) from Hutchinson Community College. It was during this time period that I began serving in my college community as third generation volunteer firefighter. 

I came to Derby from Newton/Harvey County where I spent the majority of my public service career.   I started off as a firefighter for the City of Newton, and earned my Master of Public Administration from Wichita State University. Other roles I held with Newton included Special Projects Coordinator for the City Manager’s Office and Management Analyst and Risk Manager.

My most recent job was as the Assistant County Administrator/Director of Finance where I worked for nearly five years. In that role, I reported to the County Administrator and provided leadership and administrative support to 21 department directors, elected officials and more than 200 staff. Other positions I held with the county include Emergency Management Special Projects Coordinator and Budget and Administration Intern.

When I saw the job opening in Derby, my wife, Emily, and I knew it was an opportunity we could not pass on. I’m one month into my job and I am daily reminded that Derby is an amazing place to work and call home. We are grateful to be a part of this forward-thinking, growing, community body. It is home to some of the best people around!

A big “thank you” must be extended to the Derby staff and residents for being so welcoming and making us feel right at home. Emily and I look forward to serving alongside you and building that hometown pride for years to come.

Dan Bronson
Deputy City Manager

Published in The Derby Informer on Feb. 16, 2022.