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Jan 06

Weigh in on Derby’s Future

Posted on January 6, 2023 at 8:49 AM by Kristy Bansemer

As we embark on a new year, the City is seeking your feedback to help determine how to best invest tax dollars when planning for the next phase of the Derby Difference local sales tax.

The half-cent local sales tax has been used in the past for priorities such as the construction of Rock River Rapids, construction and operating expenses of the Derby Public Library, operating expenses and addition of firefighters and equipment for Derby Fire and Rescue, and the construction of Madison Avenue Central Park and Decarksy Park Phase 1.  

Sales tax is a very important revenue source for Derby. In 2022, the local sales tax brought in over three million dollars. Derby has the fifth highest pull factor in the State at nearly 1.3. This means that 30 percent of our sales tax revenue comes from people visiting Derby and purchasing items. Those visitors help contribute revenue for Derby projects, and that sales tax received helps ease the property tax burden on Derby residents.

This month, the City is conducting a community survey to get feedback from you and your family regarding community investments and priorities. A select random group of Derby residents will receive a paper survey in the mail. Please take the time to fill it out and return it. We will also invite all community members to complete the survey online.

The City is working with the Wichita State University Public Policy and Management Center to administer the survey and analyze the results. The City Council will review the results and consider them when drafting a ballot question for the next sales tax. The intention is for the ballot question to go out for a public vote in November 2023.

Remember, your feedback is valuable and appreciated. We look forward to hearing your thoughts so the City can move forward with projects in the next local sales tax that benefit the entire community.  

Kiel Mangus
City Manager

Published in The Derby informer on Jan. 4, 2023.