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Mar 17

License Your Pet

Posted on March 17, 2017 at 8:48 AM by Kristy Bansemer

As a pet owner, you spend plenty of time making sure your dog or cat is healthy and safe. You walk her daily, feed him nutritious food, and take her to the vet when something seems “off.” You even get him vaccinated to ensure protection from rabies.
Zahra Ehtisham
Many pet owners forget, or ignore, something else - licensing their pets. A pet license is a way to make sure your pet is protected if they become lost. As our community grows, lost dogs and cats are frequently seen strolling around, wondering where their home is. Sometimes they spend hours or even days apart from their worried owners. If you’ve been putting off licensing your pet, here are some reasons why you should get a license:

Prevent Rabies
A pet license requires proof your pet has been vaccinated against rabies. Keeping your pet up to date on vaccinations is incredibly important as a responsible pet owner. Not only does this keep them safe, but in the unfortunate event they get lost, animal control officers or anyone else who comes upon your missing pooch or kitty will know they are safe to approach.

Identify Your Pet
A license tag provides identification. If someone finds your pet, she can be traced back to you, which will help her get home safely. Proper identification means a faster return to your family.

Derby City Code requires residents who own dogs or cats to have them licensed by the City. The City soon will be issuing license tags to be attached to the pet’s collar. This tag number will provide access to both rabies vaccination information as well as pet owner information. The City is reaching out to area veterinarians to collaborate with the City on this venture. Later this year when you take your pet to the vet, you will be able to purchase the $10 license ($15 for pets not spayed/neutered) and receive a tag.

The more forms of identification your pet has and the more ways you can be contacted, the greater the chance your pet will make it home quickly if lost. You are not just helping your own pet by purchasing a license, you are helping protect all pets in your community.

Zahra Ehtisham
Assistant to the City Manager

Published in the Derby Informer on March 15, 2017.