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Feb 09

City Budgeting Begins

Posted on February 9, 2018 at 8:54 AM by Kristy Bansemer

Considering the needs of the community, analyzing expenditures, and assessing equipment for maintenance or replacement are tasks performed annually by your Derby city staff and elected City Council.

This month, the budget process for 2019 officially begins with staff determining whether police cars and dump trucks can last another year or need replaced and assessing whether current staffing levels can keep up with the growing community or if additions should be planned. At the same time the Finance Department is closing out the 2017 books, they’re estimating how much sales tax and other revenues are likely in 2019.

After several months of staff work, on June 5, the City Council will hold a workshop to ask staff questions about their budgets and their projects. This workshop is usually the longest meeting of each year. The Mayor and City Council members are keenly interested not only in keeping property taxes down (Derby’s is third lowest among eleven area cities) but also in ensuring the maintenance of certain amenities that make Derby a great place to live, do business and visit.

The budget is more than just a big book with lots of numbers. The budget is a process of discovering needs and ideas. The budget identifies work, programs and goals to be achieved for each department in the coming year. We use the budget to measure and control expenditures and track revenues.

The budget document is as much a policy document as it is a financial document. Since resources are always limited, budgeting provides a process for making decisions between needs and wants, between good ideas and those we can’t afford NOT to do.

For anyone who wants to understand their city government better, the budget document is an excellent tool for learning more about city services. 

Derby residents with ideas or questions about city services, improvements you’d like to see, or cuts you believe could occur without negatively affecting the quality of life are welcome to contact their elected City Council members or the City’s Manager’s office at or 788-3132. You may choose to send a letter or email or you would be welcome to speak at a City Council meeting, if you’d like.

Jean Epperson
Director of Finance

Published in the Derby Informer on Feb. 7, 2018.