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May 06

Take Time to Recognize Public Servants

Posted on May 6, 2018 at 7:56 PM by Kristy Bansemer

During this time of media attention on pay concerns for teachers, many of us have probably had thoughts about a teacher who made a difference in our lives. There is no doubt in my mind that being a teacher is a high calling and that it takes tremendous dedication to work with children (especially teenagers) every day. While many teachers are advocating for higher pay, which they undoubtedly deserve, we know they aren’t in it for the money. No one goes into the education field thinking “show me the money.” They do it for the good of the kids and to make a difference in their lives.

This is also true for other public servants, including the dedicated and devoted employees of the City of Derby. When there is a need, there is always an employee willing to step up to the challenge. We are fortunate to have police officers like Rooshad Irani, Tracy Smalley, Courtney Carlson, and Jacob Wallace offering to work extra assignments to help protect all of us from drivers who are engaged in distracted driving or driving under the influence.

We also have firefighters like Kenneth Linot, who heads up our fire prevention program, which uses the fire safety house so children can learn what to expect and how to react in the event of a fire. Kenneth also works with Y-FIRE, an intervention program that works with youth who have a history of starting fires. Derby’s emergency service workers don’t take on these extra assignments for recognition; they do it because it is a job that needs done and it will help protect our community.

Many of our employees don’t have positions that bring them front and center with the public, so you probably don’t know them, but they are equally committed and devoted, as well as innovative. We are fortunate to have extremely talented employees, including Electrician Bill Souder; Sign and Signal Technician Mike Vail; and now retired Welder Tony Russell who together created new holiday decorations displayed last winter at the Police and Courts building. By making these decorations, these employees saved the city money, made the city look better and provided us all something to enjoy.

I would love for you to share your stories of public servants who have a made a difference in your life by sending them to the Derby Informer. Join me in celebrating our public servants during Public Service Recognition Week, May 6-12.

Jenny Turner
Director of Human Resources

Published in the Derby Informer on May 2, 2018.