Derby, KS


How do I report a crime?

Anytime you have an emergency that requires a police, fire or EMS response you should call 911. Call 911 to report any crime, traffic accident or concerns, suspicious activity or for animal control issues. To speak with a member of the Derby Police Department, such as a detective or administrative staff call 788-1557.

How can I get a copy of an accident report?

You may request a copy of an accident report through our Records Section. There is a $10 fee for accident reports. Our Records section is located at the police department and open 24/7.

How do I report traffic complaints in my neighborhood?

Any traffic situation that is ongoing and creates a hazard should be immediately reported to 911. If you want to make your beat officer aware of sporadic traffic concerns that do not pose an immediate danger you also have the option of reporting this online.

I am not sure if my home is secure from burglars, what can I do?

Call the Community Education Section at 788-1557, and a staff member will provide you a free on-site assessment regarding the security of your home.

Can I request an officer to speak at my community event?

We will gladly have an officer speak about crime issues in your neighborhood at your homeowner's association meeting or any community event. Call 788-1557 to make the necessary arrangements.