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Consumer Confidence Report
Annual Report on Water Quality

In 2016, the City did not comply with the Total Coliform Rule. We are required to test for coliform bacteria no fewer than 25 times a month. A monitoring violation occurred because of failure to collect one routine sample in August 2016. None of the 24 samples collected indicated the presence coliform bacteria. This is not an emergency and there is no concern of contamination. Coliform bacteria is naturally present in the environment and is usually harmless, but it is used as an indicator that other potentially harmful disease-causing bacteria may be present.

It is they city’s goal to provide the safest water possible to our consumers. Since August 2016, the city has implemented a digital tracking method to ensure all 25 samples are accounted for each month.

For more information, contact Jason Bradshaw, Utilities Manager, at 788-0301 or .

To learn more about water, attend a Water Board meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall,
611 Mulberry Rd. Meetings are also broadcast live on www.derbyweb.com/Channel7 and Derby Channel 7 (Cox cable customers only).

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