Public Forum

Public Opinion

The City Council values your opinion. You are welcomed and encouraged to contact the City Council at any time via email. You may also share your opinion with the governing body in person at a council meeting.

The Public Forum is a dedicated time during the City Council meetings when members of the public may address the council on any subject relevant to city government, its policies, operations, or services.

The Public Forum is held at the beginning of every City Council meeting. The City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are held at Derby City Hall, 611 Mulberry Road. The Planning Commission and other city advisory boards have times when members of the public can address them in Public Forum. Call 316-788-3132 for times and locations.


Those who wish to speak during the Public Forum are asked to submit a request to the City Clerk by noon on the day of the City Council Meeting. City Clerk Lynn Ciarleglio may be reached via email at or via phone at 316-788-3132. Questions or comments may also be submitted to your elected officials directly by email or phone prior to the meeting. If you prefer, you can send your comments to the City Clerk by noon on the day of the meeting, and those comments will be read aloud at the meeting. If attending in person, you may be asked to wait outside the meeting room for your turn to speak at the podium and/or to exit the room after speaking to allow space for others in the room.

When the mayor calls your name, proceed to the podium and introduce yourself. Your comments are limited to five minutes in length. If you request more time, the City Council must vote to allow more time and may only grant you a total of three more minutes.

If you have documents or papers to share with the governing body, please email them to the City Clerk by noon on the day of the meeting. They will be distributed to Council and key personnel.

Public Speaking Guidelines

Some people choose to read their comments from a prepared statement; others ad lib. Please do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and whatever most clearly and succinctly gets your point across.

Speakers should always craft their comments in a way that respects themselves and others. While providing an opportunity to speak on any topic of concern, the mayor is responsible for maintaining order and decorum and will not allow public speakers to make personal attacks or inflammatory comments.


As a valued resident or community stakeholder, you can expect an attentive, respectful audience to your comments. You will be thanked for your time and candor. Governing body members may ask a question to clarify a statement, but generally they will refrain from any further discussion with you at that meeting.

The City Council meeting is designed for the governing body to discuss and make decisions on business items. It is the one and only time the council has to get the critical job of decision-making accomplished. Council members are volunteers, and all of their meetings are open to the public. 

While the Public Forum is an important part of the council meeting, it is but one part. The Public Forum is not intended as a time of discussion or debate. In some cases, the speaker will be directed to meet with city staff to resolve the issue or get questions answered.

 As you step away from the podium, know that the governing body respects and appreciates your willingness to engage in issues that affect your community.


If you have questions, call City Hall at 316-788-3132.