Underage Drinking Prevention

Underage drinking is a problem for many communities, but it doesn’t have to be one for Derby.

Any time an underage person consumes alcohol, the Derby community considers that to be “a problem.” Even one (person or drink) is unacceptable. Derby is a community that cares deeply about its youth and to whatever extent the community, city leaders, and law enforcement can empower healthy choices, we will.

Report Underage Drinking

To anonymously report underage drinking or the sale of alcohol to a minor, call:
  • 866-MUST-B-21
  • 911
The Kansas Department of Transportation offers the 866-MUST-B-21 hotline to help curb underage drinking. The toll-free tip line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is available for citizens to anonymously report parties involving underage drinking, plans to purchase alcohol for underage persons, and retailers who sell alcohol to underage persons.

Law on Underage Drinking

The legal age of consumption in the State of Kansas is 21. Individuals under 21 may not consume alcohol. It is illegal to provide individuals under 21 with alcohol. The Derby Police Department enforces a zero tolerance policy on underage drinking.

Legal Consequences of Underage Drinking

If you’re underage:
  • Consuming alcohol underage is punishable by a fine of $200 to $500 and suspension of your driver’s license.
  • The municipal judge may also order you to serve up to 40 hours of community service and complete an educational prevention program.
If you’re thinking about providing alcohol to any underage person, here’s some information you should know:
  • Furnishing alcohol to a minor is subject to a $200 fine.
  • Hosting a party where underage individuals consume alcohol is punishable by a fine up to $1000 and up to six months in jail.
Be a part of creating a culture of intolerance in Derby for underage drinking. Do not enable underage drinking, either actively or passively. Get involved and stay involved in prevention.

Legal Consequences for Businesses

Unlawful sale to a minor by a business is subject to a fine up to $500, up to 180 days in jail, and a civil fine up to $1000. In addition, the business’s state and municipal licenses and permits can be denied, suspended, or revoked.

Court Jurisdiction

Derby Municipal Court adjudicates violators from the age of 18 to 20. Juvenile offenders (under 18) are not adjudicated through municipal court; they are adjudicated through the district court system, which operates without involvement from municipal courts. For juvenile violators with no history of involvement with illicit activities, the district attorney may send first-time violators through the Teen Intervention Program (TIP), a diversion program for first-time offenders charged with minor misdemeanors such as shoplifting and underage consumption.