Vision, Mission & Values



is to be a community where dreams take root and thrive.



is to create vibrant neighborhoods, nurture a strong business community, and preserve beautiful green spaces.

The Derby community



  • Tradition, volunteerism and partnerships:

    The Derby community is built on rich traditions, volunteers who are committed to making Derby a great place to live, and the understanding that by working together as partners, more can be accomplished.
  • Healthy living:

    The Derby community is committed to providing a clean environment, recreational facilities, and opportunities for community engagement.
  • Education and recreation for all ages:

    The Derby community supports our schools, library, and opportunities for continued learning; provides superb recreational and senior facilities, and assists the recreation commission as they bring quality programs to our residents.
  • Safety and stability:

    Derby delivers police, fire, and rescue services to every part of the community. Good planning ensures stability in codes and community standards, as well as quality response to disasters.
  • Opportunities to thrive:

    The City strives to assist residents and businesses in reaching their full potential.
  • Sustainable growth:

    The long-term viability of our city depends on a strong and growing business community that provides the goods and services needed by the community, and thereby provides jobs for residents and tax revenue to support City services.
  • Civic participation and leadership:

    Derby has strong leaders willing to serve on civic boards and the City Council. As an important component of the Wichita metro area, Derby’s leaders also recognize the importance of involvement in the regional community and in the state of Kansas.
  • Progressive thinking:

    Derby’s elected and appointed officials join the staff in continually seeking creative ways to enhance the community.
  • Stewardship of community assets:

    Maintaining streets, drainage systems, and all types of community infrastructure is critical to keeping Derby an enjoyable place to live.
  • Quality services equally available to all:

    Derby provides quality services on a fair basis to all residents regardless of where they live or what their situation in life may be.
  • Professional management of city operations:

    City staff approach their work in a professional manner, ensuring that methods used will measure up well to peer review.