Open Burning

Open Burning Regulations
A person shall not kindle or maintain any open burning including bonfires, recreational fires or ceremonial fires without receiving a permit from the fire code official. Call 788-3773 for more information. 

Decorative Outdoor Fire Pits, Portable Outdoor Fireplaces, Chimeneas, Barbecue Pits
The use of these items outdoors is allowed with the following guidelines:

  • Burning in approved containers listed above is allowed without a permit at single family homes, duplexes and town homes.
  • Fires in approved containers should not exceed three feet in diameter and two feet in height.
  • Fires must be constantly attended by an adult with a fire extinguisher and/or a water source available nearby.
  • No container that burns a solid fuel product, such as wood or charcoal, should be used on a combustible deck (wood).
  • Decorative outdoor fire pits, portable outdoor fireplaces, chimeneas and barbecue pits should not be used within 15 feet of a combustible source such as the house, garage, storage shed, etc.
  • Decorative outdoor fire pits, portable outdoor fireplaces, chimeneas or barbecue pits should have a minimum of 3/8-inch screening to prevent hot embers from escaping.
  • The burning of yard waste, such as grass, leaves, vines, pine needles, treated lumber, garbage, trash, or paper products is prohibited.

A fire officer, police officer, or code enforcement officer may order any open fire, or use of a decorative outdoor fire pit, portable outdoor fireplace, chimenea, or barbecue pit which may be hazardous or creating a smoke nuisance, to be extinguished.