Police Support Specialist

The Police Support Specialist Unit is the central repository for all police records and related reports. This unit is responsible for computerized entry of crime data, report transcription, storage and maintenance of police records, and dissemination of information to persons authorized to receive the information.

Each year, this unit processes more than 25,000 records, including police reports, traffic accidents, warrants, pawn records, dancer registrations, mug shots, fingerprint records, traffic citations, and other related records.

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Reporting Information
Information recorded by officers about each crime and arrest is reported by the Police Support Specialist Unit to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. It is used by the KBI for statewide crime analysis and development of crime prevention tools. This unit also works closely with courts and various other local, state, and federal agencies to gather and report criminal justice information.

Requesting Records
Citizens may make a request for police reports in person at the Derby Police Department, 229 North Baltimore.

More Information
For more information, please contact Police Support Supervisor Kendra Hill at 316-788-3093.

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